The Hiring Assistant supports and works alongside the Hiring Director (HD) in field staff recruitment and hiring process. The Hiring Assistant acts as one of the faces of the company to assess, promote and educate potential field staff candidates of the position, benefits, job expectations, company mission and program areas. The Hiring Assistant conducts effective and best practice hiring and recruiting strategies that align with overall business objectives.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Conduct 1 of 2 interviews with field staff candidates during the hiring process to be conducted over video or phone;
• Assess candidates during interviews based on multiple criteria and holistically determine strengths and weaknesses of each applicant;
• Ensure candidates have a thorough understanding of the job expectations;
• Document and communicate completed interviews with the hiring team;
• Contribute and play a vital role in determining candidates’ eligibility and status for hire;
• Coordinate and schedule interviews with candidates through Calendly and company email;
• Conduct reference checks for qualified candidates;
• Connect with interested applicants to answer questions about company or position;
• Understand the field staff position, nuances and differences of various branch location and what it takes to be a successful candidate;
• Ensure all screening, hiring, and selection is done in accordance with employment laws and regulations;

Secondary Responsibilities (as assigned by HD):
• Assist in guide recruitment tasks as assigned by HD; this could include using a variety of methods to build a robust candidate pipeline, including trade shows, networking events, job fairs, online platforms, etc.;
• Review applications, track and log applicant information for future needs as assigned by HD;
• Take ownership of the candidate experience by actively designing and managing job postings that bring in the most qualified candidate pool;
• Work with the Marketing Department to design effective and timely recruitment ads and postings;
• Help the HD facilitate the offer process and negotiating employment terms;
• Play a support role in the onboarding process for all new hires: checking-in with new hire’s respective branch managers on progress and maintaining a log of completed shadow trip evaluations and areas for improvement;
• Meet with HD periodically to discuss all new hire shadow evaluation reports;
• Maintain a dedicated knowledge of recruiting trends and best practices relevant to the industry;
• Provide as needed support in Human Resources Department for new hires;
• Other projects as assigned;

Tagged as: Administrative Staff


• Strong verbal and written communication skills;
• Proficiency with computer systems such as Excel, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Asana, and virtual video conferencing platforms;
• Knowledge of Wildland Trekking Co. (WTC) program areas(Preferred);
• Previous experience with a CRM system; (Preferred);
• Experience in customer service position(s);
• Previous guiding and trip leading experience

Required Skills:

Experience with professional interviewing, recruitment, and hiring;
Must pass a background check;
Knowledge and experience with interviewing, recruitment or marketing tasks including online platforms and content creation;
This job requires a reliable cell phone, quality internet connection and access to a reliable personal computer as well as access to a space that is quiet and conducive to video or phone based professional interviews.

Preferred Skills:

This position can be performed remotely with access to strong internet and phone. This position is part-time, year-round with hours as an average of 10-20 hours a week depending on department needs. Hours can fluctuate greatly depending on the season and this is an average. Availability during standard business hours (9am-5pm) for interviews is required. A willingness to maintain a flexible schedule based on hiring needs is required.

About The Wildland Trekking Company

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Application Instructions

Please send a letter of interest and a resume to Emily via email: [email protected]