I have an opening for 1 crew member at my commercial salmon fishing setnet site in Uganik Bay, Kodiak Island Alaska, from July 1 -approx. Sept. 15, 2022. Catch wild, sustainable salmon with lifelong fisherman Adelia Myrick. Our crew of 3 total (including Adelia) will fish together out of small aluminum skiffs, picking salmon by hand – thousands of pounds a day (it’s physically demanding work) out of nets in the ocean attached to shore. We are based in a remote little uninsulated plywood cabin on the beach, totally off the grid with no roads, phones, power lines, no connection to any town or village. Fishing starts at 6 am and ends around 10 pm or whenever the net is clean, all based on how the fish are running, weather and ocean conditions and tides. Sleep deprivation can be somewhat of a factor, so if you require 8 hours of sleep to be pleasant to be around, this isn’t for you. It can be tiring, monotonous, dirty, uncomfortable work, with kelp making things slippery and jellyfish to watch out for. Often we use a pressure washer to clean the nets. Crew will work together with Adelia on all aspects of fishing, cleaning and maintaining the boat and camp, repairing and building nets, cooking, splitting wood and all sorts of camp chores. There are very limited breaks and no set schedule for it – and in the peak of the season, we should expect to be fishing nonstop for more than a month without days off. Adelia and the community of fishermen around love what they do, but it is not for everyone. Successful candidates should relish the challenge of deeply hard work and being outside surrounded by a beautiful ever-changing wild landscape, and know that they can thrive with just a couple of other people for company. If the fishing allows, there may be a few beach bonfire gatherings with neighboring camps and potluck style dinners, but most entertainment comes from things like hiking the mountain if time and energy allow, devising delicious meals, reading/writing and watching the marine environment unfold in front of you. Crew need to be not only able to work hard but also able to entertain themselves in case of slow fishing. No experience is required, and I’m looking forward to finding crew with a great work ethic and who are great to be around.

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No experience is required. Mental/physical endurance and positive attitudes (even when tired) are most important. The ability to get along well with others, be a team player, and be mature/stable with no drama is most important.

Required Skills:

Crew must be able to lift at least 50 pounds and engage in physically demanding, repetitive work, but I stress that endurance rather than powerlifting skills are key. I have hired all women crews many times very successfully.

Preferred Skills:

Any of these skills can be very helpful to bring to the team, but none are required - I will train.
Any boating/water experience
Anything that develops a stellar work ethic
Athletic experience
Ability to see what needs to be done next without having be told what to do
Cooking from scratch
Cutting/splitting wood for firewood
Small engine skills
Camp chores/gardening
Knot tying

About Trap Six Setnet Site

Trap Six is a commercial fishing site for wild and sustainable Alaska salmon, owned and operated by lifelong fisherman Adelia Myrick, located in remote and pristine Uganik Bay, on the Kodiak Island National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. Working out of small, open skiffs with 3 person crews, we harvest wild ocean-going salmon that swim into our set-nets. This is a lifestyle, not just a job- a way to meld physical work with everyday life in a beautiful setting. This is not a “get-rich-quick” big boat style of fishing, but it is a wonderful way to be a part of the wild world we harvest from.

Application Instructions

Please email a letter of introduction describing your reasons for being interested and what you have to offer plus resume (informal is fine) to Adelia at [email protected] I will send more information to you at that time. Questions are welcome anytime.