Wilderness Instructor
Full Time , Shift: Varies
Wage: $19 – $21 On Campus Wage DOE, Trip Wage: Normal Day $140, Overtime Day $210
(Overtime is any hours over 40 worked in the Saturday – Sunday pay week)

Job Overview
The position of Wilderness Instructor is considered a professional position. Wilderness Instructors are responsible for the operations related to the adventure aspects of the program. Instructors will work a schedule combining full time shifts and duties on campus with trips into the backcountry. We are looking to bring on Wilderness Instructors who want to grow and develop with our company, more than just a season of work.

Duties and Responsibilities:
– Demonstrating and teaching rock climbing, rappelling, challenge course, map and compass use, backcountry safety, and practices for winter and summer environments.
– Planning meals and itineraries for expeditions.
– Assisting with any coordination with Forest Service and Dept of Interior or others for itineraries and/or evacuations.
– Distributing, caring for, and repairing wilderness equipment and clothing.
– Maintaining a relentless safety priority.
– In charge of implementing risk management protocol, evacuation protocol, and all other safety measures while in the field.
– Facilitating inventories, quarterly and weekly orders.
– Working with clinical staff in the implementation of treatment methods.
– Leading adventure outings and trips while adhering the field curriculum.
– Keeping records and evaluations of in field and on-site occurrences.
– Complying with all personnel and program manuals.
– Maintaining an image of professionalism.
– Integrate A.A. philosophies and therapy into outdoor adventure aspects of treatment.
– Overseeing and participating in activities with clients.
– Facilitate challenge courses and recreational activities.
– Implementing and overseeing physical fitness activities.
– Speak professionally and in a positive manner.

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- Ability to engage and help create in a therapeutic environment.
- Willingness to teach both outdoors skills and coping skills.
- College degree in wilderness therapy, recreational therapy, similar degree or equivalent experience.
- Winter Camping experience is critical.
- Basic Mountaineering and navigational skills
- Leadership & Judgment skills
- Backcountry sanitation and Leave No Trace Skills
- Knowledge of travel in bear country

Required Skills:

- Possess a Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT and CPR level of first aid.
- Possess Avalanche level I or equivalent preferred.
- Able to hike and navigate rough terrain.
- Lift and carry up to 50 pounds regularly and up to 100 pounds occasionally.
- Camp and lead outdoor activities in all weather conditions.
- Able to walk, twist, kneel, move in the course of duties.
- Possessed excellent written, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Preferred Skills:

- Rock Climbing and Rappelling skills
- Challenge Course and Initiative Games skills
- Additional training and experience in trail work, search and rescue, and/or fly fishing is desirable.

About Triple Divide Lodge

Would you like to fly fish and backpack in Northwestern Montana for your job?

How about spending 40 hours a week on a ranch style campus, with over 350 acres to explore?

Do you enjoy team sports, exercises, and sharing your passion for the outdoors ?

Triple Divide Lodge is the only program of its kind. It is a 90-day Residential Treatment Program for adolescent males 14-19. We help young men struggling with substance use disorders and related co-occurring disorders.

We are a residential treatment program founded on 12 Step program that incorporate elements of adventure and wilderness therapy. Our clinical model helps clients overcome their substance use issue by getting outside of their comfort zones and experiencing the growth wilderness inspires.

Application Instructions

To Apply please search "Triple Divide Lodge" on Indeed.com or email your us for more information at [email protected]