The Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) is an AmeriCorps program dedicated to developing the conservation leaders of tomorrow.

Field Office Locations: Logan, Cedar City, Moab, Utah

Term of Service Dates: Through November 22, 2022

Schedule: Full-time commitment, hours & schedule vary week to week. Nearly 100% of time is spent on projects in the field.

Application: Submit your application at https://www.usu.edu/ucc/apply/crew-leader
Application review will continue through May 2022. Positions open until filled.


The UCC Crew Leader position focuses on providing opportunities for individuals aspiring to assume a leadership role for a variety of conservation projects. The UCC Crew Leader program term of service is approximately 9 months, spanning 3 field seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall).

The UCC Crew Leader begins their term of service in the Spring as a Crew Leader Candidate (CLC). CLC’s participate in hard skills training and peer-led conservation projects during the Spring season (February – May). Field Staff will provide extra attention to debriefing projects, helping CLC’s refine tool and project techniques, attending to areas of individual growth, and teaching the full responsibilities of the UCC Crew Leader position. Informal training will continue throughout the term of service with on-the-ground skills and project-specific training, as needed.

CLC’s will be evaluated by Field Staff throughout the Spring season. Upon demonstration of essential competencies, CLC’s will be promoted into a UCC Crew Leader role for the Summer and Fall seasons. UCC Crew Leaders may be required to co-lead in collaboration with another Crew Leader during the Summer and Fall seasons depending on project needs.

During the Summer and Fall seasons, UCC Crew Leaders are responsible for facilitating a positive crew member experience by setting an example of enthusiasm throughout work and camp life while leading a 5 to 10-person crew on various conservation-related projects. UCC Crew Leaders provide direct leadership, mentorship, support, and training for their UCC field crew. Crew Leaders are also responsible for upholding UCC values, ensuring that UCC policies and procedures are followed, communicating with project partners, and recording and reporting weekly project outcome data and other documentation.


UCC field crews are assigned to a variety of conservation-related projects across Utah and the intermountain west. Projects may be backcountry (hiking into project site, camping away from vehicle) or front country (driving to project site daily, camping at vehicle, or possibility of non-camping accommodations provided). Projects may be urban (located in a city or town) or rural (located in national parks, forests, etc. with limited access to facilities and resources).

Project work may vary due to seasonality and environmental safety conc

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• At least 21 years of age
• U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Eligible to enroll in an AmeriCorps term of service
• Agree to undergo a National Criminal History Check
• Have a high school diploma or GED
• Demonstrated outdoor skills (required)
• Camping experience, including backpacking (required)
• Previous conservation corps, public lands management, or similar experience (preferred)
• Chainsaw experience (preferred)
• Trail maintenance and construction experi

About Utah Conservation Corps

Utah Conservation Corps is an AmeriCorps program made up of members, staff, and partners dedicated to service to our community and environment. We engage in projects throughout the state of Utah that address goals relating to environmental conservation, leadership, education, and sustainability.

UCC AmeriCorps members have committed to a term of service for their country that may range from 3 months to a year. Our members are individuals seeking opportunities to give back, to improve the environment and explore the beauty of Utah's public lands. Many of our members are current students or recent graduates looking to gain experience in the fields of natural resource conservation, education, or social services.

Utah Conservation Corps is a program of Utah State University's Center for Community Engagement.

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