“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

VISIONS leaders are at the heart of our transformative service programs, which have spanned more than 35 years.

We hire exceptional people who are driven to make positive change in the world through working hard and being role models for young people. Leaders instinctively prioritize student, team and community needs. They understand that having their own needs met can be the result of serving others and doing an excellent job.

Typical leader teams include outdoor educators, teachers, grad students, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, adventurers, and other individuals who understand that the most immersive work can be the most rewarding.

Life skills and practical skills—from logistics to meal management and construction to “leave no trace”—are valued. At least one carpenter is hired for Montana and the BVI. Most teams include six leaders, keeping a 1 to 4 or 5 leader to student ratio.

Leaders and teens live together in a group setting and are responsible for maintaining a smooth-running homebase, with meals, cleaning, shopping, etc. We live in humble, communal places that are integrated with the host community.

The days are spent at project sites, cultural activities and outings. Leaders participate in, and supervise, all aspects of the experience. Each program session lasts from one to four weeks, and there are multiple sessions per summer with days off between. Longer sessions also include a day off per week.

Leaders receive a salary stipend, meals, lodging, and round-trip travel for international sites or a travel stipend for U.S. sites.

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You and your team are responsible for facilitating a fun, engaging, impactful and safe experience for a group of diverse teenagers far from home. You are a role model, helping students process their experience and make it successful according to VISIONS core values. To do this, you must be culturally sensitive, flexible, patient, kind and hard-working.

Required Skills:

Minimum age 21
First Aid and CPR certified before the program begins
For language immersion programs (Peru and the D.R.): fluent or conversational-level Spanish

Preferred Skills:

SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS (not required, but may prioritize your application)
Carpentry skills
Lifeguarding experience
Advanced medical training (WFR, EMT, etc.)

About VISIONS Service Adventures

VISIONS teen volunteers settle into daily life of the host community, become friends with local residents, experience new customs and in the process, gain a sense of global connection. As one of the original international and domestic service organizations for teenagers, we celebrate this connectedness—and the hope it holds for the future.

In addition to high-impact social service and construction projects, VISIONS continues to expand our environmental commitment with projects rooted in sustainability and connection to the land.

Application Instructions

Please submit an application here: https://visionsserviceadventures.com/jobs/