Join us this season as a Summer Camp Instructor
Make a difference by helping kids connect with the natural world
Learn to be a “Coyote Mentor” and ignite kid’s passion, gifts, and curiosity
Join our team of deeply skilled and experienced nature mentors
Be part of the Wilderness Awareness School mission to help children and adults cultivate healthy relationships with nature, community, and self.
Our Teaching Philosophy
Coyote Mentoring utilizes a number of teaching styles that mimic how children naturally learn. The end result is something of an “invisible school” where kids experience having fun and playing games without even realizing how much they’re learning.
Nature Connection
Children’s lives are becoming more and more screen-based and lived indoors. Wild spaces are shrinking and our impact on the planet is reaching a breaking point. It is more urgent than ever for people of all ages and backgrounds, especially children to experience and fall in love with the natural world.
Become a Nature Instructor
In the quickly growing industry of Forest Kindergartens and nature-based education, there is an increasing need for skilled, diverse, and experienced instructors. As one of the oldest and most respected nature schools in the world, many of our students and staff have gone on to become leaders in the industry.
We strive to have a diverse population of staff that represents the students we work with because we recognize the importance of representation in creating a safer space for all children to come outside.
A Day in the life of a Nature Instructor

Monday through Friday morning at 8:00 am you will meet with your Director, Volunteers, and other Nature Instructors to check in about the day ahead
The Campers will arrive with their parents at 9:00 am and be invited to join a big game or nature museum with you or another Nature Instructor
Around 9:30 am everyone will gather for morning circle to kick off the day, hear a story, and sing together
After morning circle, your group of 10 campers and 1 volunteer will explore different parts of the park playing games, learning about PNW wildlife, and discovering each other’s gifts and passions
Your group will decide when to have lunch and discuss how the rest of the afternoon wants to be spent, either meeting up with other instructors to play bigger group games or having another wander or going for an afternoon hike
By 2:30 pm everyone is back in the large closing circle to share exciting stories of the day
Parents will come to pick up their campers at 3:00 pm
Around 3:15 pm you will reconnect with your Director, Nature Instructors, and Volunteers to check in about the day’s highlights and debrief any challenging situations

Pay scale starts at $18 per hour ($720 per camp week)
Paid training and access to many opportunities for additional development
Discounts on related programs and store items
Be a part of an amazing team of passionate people doing important work!

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Qualifications and Expectations:
Able to supervise up to 10 kids at a time with minimal support or supervision
Creativity and passion for mentoring youth in a natural flow learning environment with an open and flexible structure
A commitment to developing your own capacity with conversations around justice and equity as well as cultivating a welcoming and inclusive space for all.
Strong ability to work as a contributing member of a team, able to bring your unique voice, gifts, and contributions

Required Skills:

Work Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Planning Week - Monday to Friday, June 13th - 17th, 2022
Required Staff Training Week: Monday, June 20 – Friday, June 24, 2022
Summer Camps run from - June 27 – August 26, 2022

Preferred Skills:

Preference will be given to applicants who have
Experience as a naturalist instructor working with youth ages 5-18 in the outdoors
Experience with the 8-Shields Model and Coyote Mentoring method
Knowledge of Pacific Northwest hazards, mammals, tracking, edible/medicinal plants, navigation without map/compass, field ecology, trees, survival techniques, birds/birdsong, and history of local Indigenous Nations and right relations.
A diverse background
Knowledge and/or training in justice, equity, diversity, and

About Wilderness Awareness School

Wilderness Awareness School, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1983, is an internationally-recognized leader in outdoor education. Our mission is to help children and adults cultivate healthy relationships with nature, community and self. We are based in the foothills of the Cascade mountains about 45-minutes outside of Seattle, WA.
Through nature connection and cultural mentoring, we provide transformational experiences that awaken people's unique gifts, deepen their relationship with nature, and empower them to enrich the health of their communities. Our community of students includes people of all ages who understand and thrive on their connection to the natural world around us.

Application Instructions

Please apply online at https://www.wildernessawareness.org/about/jobs/summer-instructor/