In addition to ensuring successful, engaging, and welcoming outdoor experiences for participants, Primary Outdoor Leaders are responsible for managing and coaching teams of 1-14+ Outdoor Co-Leaders through in-person programs. Primary Outdoor Leaders’ responsibility extends beyond individual programming events to include pre-trip and post-trip support work and acting as main liaisons between Wilderness Inquiry Trip Directors, Outdoor Leader crews, and program contacts from partnering organizations. Primary Leaders are true point persons for representing the Wilderness Inquiry mission to colleagues, participants, media, and the public. Daily life as a Primary Outdoor Leader can be fun, exciting, and incredibly rewarding, but it is also a tremendous amount of responsibility that involves hard and challenging work.

The below training dates are mandatory for all new hires. New Primary Outdoor Leaders can start onboarding part-time as early as April 24th, with the latest start date of May 17th.

May 17th-19th: Primary Leader Training
May 22th-26th: Outdoor Leader Headquarters Training
May 30th-June 2nd: Outdoor Leader Field Training
Part-time and full-time seasonal work opportunities continue through fall Canoemobile tours into November with potential part-time winter work available.

Group Facilitation & Education

Collaborate with your team of Co-Leaders to build a safe, engaging, and welcoming program environment
Possess a mastery of the scope and detail of Wilderness Inquiry program content, itineraries, activities, mission, and values, in order to ensure successful, high-quality, and cost effective programming
Demonstrate an understanding of the variety and complexities of relationships people may have with the outdoors based on backgrounds, identities, and abilities, and support this understanding with Co-Leader teams
Supervision & Leadership

Build positive team dynamics and assist with implementing conflict management strategies for Outdoor Co-Leader teams
Effectively lead Outdoor Co-Leader teams and event logistics in order to successfully execute multiple aspects of programs collectively
Assign and delegate tasks/roles to Co-Leaders appropriately and ensure their completion
Provide direct coaching and feedback to Outdoor Co-Leaders
Support Outdoor Leader training and facilitate modules as needed
Communication and Organization

Work closely with Trip Directors and office staff for all trip planning and implementation needs
Act as point of contact in the field for Trip Directors, Co-Leaders, group trip contacts, and program participants
Communicate clearly and effectively to receive and deliver information and feedback
Demonstrate excellent customer service and professionally represent the Wilderness Inquiry brand to Wilderness Inquiry stakeholders, participants, the media, and the public.
Administrative Pre-Trip Prep & Post-Trip Responsibilities

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Successfully complete all necessary Wilderness Inquiry required training
Basic First Aid & CPR Certification (or ability to obtain)
Desire to lead, motivate, and manage groups of varying ages, abilities, and identities in an outdoor setting
Ability to provide excellent customer service
Ability to work as part of a team
2 or more seasons/years of professional experience in outdoor recreation or education, leadership or guiding, group facilitation, or other related experience

About Wilderness Inquiry

Wilderness Inquiry’s mission is to connect people from all walks of life to the natural world through shared outdoor adventures. Through the medium of outdoor adventure travel, we inspire personal growth, enhanced awareness of the environment and community integration. Wilderness Inquiry is all about access, inclusion, and opportunity. We believe exploration of the natural world is a birthright we all share, and we act on that belief. We operate in a manner that facilitates full participation by everyone, including people of all ages, background, and abilities.

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