Many Zion visitors have only one car and wish to do long, one-way hikes. To make these types of activities possible, we deliver clients to many reaches of Zion National Park for hiking, canyoneering, and sightseeing. Driving shuttles is a mixture of taxi and tour driving. On the way to the trailhead, clients are often interested in hearing about your favorite things in Zion, the history, geology and culture of the area, and how you landed in Southern Utah.

Drivers operate 14 passenger Ford E350 Vans, offering balance between client comfort, visibility, and enabling you to passenger transport on and off-road. Additionally, we have 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers for transport during adverse weather conditions. Drivers need to be patient, and courteous. We seek individuals who are able trailhead drivers, active canyoneers AND hikers. Clients frequently ask clarifying questions about their trailheads, hikes, and canyoneering routes in Zion and knowledge of this information is essential. Shuttle drivers also receive some outfitter training to be able to handle reservations, refunds, and cash register sales.

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Age Requirements: Minimum of 23 years of age by March 1st (vehicle insurance requirement)
Must have a current and valid drivers license
Minimum Required Certifications: Current First Aid and CPR certification, or Wilderness First Responder; Taxi Endorsement for Driver’s License (requires a written test at DMV)
Must acquire Utah Department of Transportation Med Card (requires physical with doctor who does UDOT Med Card Exams)

Required Skills:

Ability to be engaging and polite
Desire to learn and share that knowledge with others
Some familiarity with the area preferred but not required
Season: 3/1/21 - 11/28/21

Shuttle drivers work about 4-5 days a week running 1-2 shuttles per day. The work schedule depends on shuttle demands.
Compensation: Starting pay is $13/hour.
Year-Round Work: Shuttle drop-offs are usually slower during the winter months yet past staff have found part-time work through seasonal projects

About Zion Adventure Company

Since 1996 Zion Adventure Company has been the premier outfitter and guide company serving Zion National Park and Southern Utah. ZAC offers equipment and bike rentals, trailhead shuttle services, and guiding in canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, caving, and backpacking.

Application Instructions

Apply online at http://www.zionadventures.com/zion-adventure-career-opportunities.html