BOAT guides operationalize our mission of bringing OTHER organization’s missions outside. On a typical program, we have a partner organization leading youth or adults in alignment with their existing programming. Our job is to help them take that programming into an outdoor context. We run both base camping trips (i.e. car camping, with a bus) and multi-day expeditions, with 2024 mostly being multi-day backpacking programs.

Guides are the experts our partners turn to while in the field. You will help participants learn to camp, use our equipment, and decide on programming opportunities for the day. At every turn, you’ll be working in close collaboration with our partners to maximize their desired outcomes.

While details will vary, most programs in 2024 range between 4 – 6 days. 2024 program partners include several programs based in Wisconsin that do anti-segregation work with youth leaders, the first ever scout troop sponsored by a black barbershop, a multi-faith refugee population via a public school outside of Detroit, and a St. Louis community center, alongside others. We are proud to partner with programs led and designed by leaders for their own communities. Strong preference for guides with background in facilitation, social-emotional learning, and with cultural competence and humility.

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WFR or WFA preferred
Prior experience working with youth and groups
Applicants who can evidence strong teaching skills, driving ability, and a clear motivating philosophy of working with youth will be given strong preference.

BOAT aims to hire based on skills more than pedigree. While wilderness medicine certification (WFA, WFR) are helpful, most critical is the ability to support diverse audiences through culturally competent leadership. We will help you develop the rest.

Required Skills:

Comfort working with youth and beginners in camping experiences
Ability to facilitate collaborative decision making processes
Strong cultural humility / cultural competence, and ability to work across diverse audiences
Highly capable camping skills, including tent set up, managing risk, staying warm and comfortable in the elements

Preferred Skills:

CDL with passenger endorsement
Excellent outdoor cooking capabilities!

About BOAT (Bus for Outdoor Access & Teaching)

Run by a NOLS Alum the mission of BOAT - the Bus for Outdoor Access & Teaching - is to get other organization’s missions outside. A not-for-profit wilderness program on wheels run from a bus, we bring a full service outdoor program to the front doors of our partners.

BOAT specifically targets barriers to outdoor access for diverse communities: lack of equipment, camping know-how and transportation. Rather than have our own curriculum or serve our own students, we seek out the many community leaders who want to benefit from the powerful mental and physical health benefits of outdoor classrooms, and enable them to take their groups camping.

Working at BOAT means supporting a wide range of programs with diverse leadership. It requires adaptability, comfort shifting context for each programs - and yes, working from the road out of a bus. But the rewards are great, and the programs we get to support are inspiring.

Application Instructions

Please apply at www.theBOATbus.com/jobs