About BOAT (Bus for Outdoor Access & Teaching)

Run by a NOLS Alum the mission of BOAT - the Bus for Outdoor Access & Teaching - is to get other organization’s missions outside. A not-for-profit wilderness program on wheels run from a bus, we bring a full service outdoor program to the front doors of our partners.

BOAT specifically targets barriers to outdoor access for diverse communities: lack of equipment, camping know-how and transportation. Rather than have our own curriculum or serve our own students, we seek out the many community leaders who want to benefit from the powerful mental and physical health benefits of outdoor classrooms, and enable them to take their groups camping.

Working at BOAT means supporting a wide range of programs with diverse leadership. It requires adaptability, comfort shifting context for each programs - and yes, working from the road out of a bus. But the rewards are great, and the programs we get to support are inspiring.

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    BOAT (Bus for Outdoor Access & Teaching)
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    • Jun 29, 2024