Program Overview: June 26-August 14 (Life guard training offered free of charge June 22-26)
Each summer we hire two people to run our Bear Camp Leadership Program.

The oldest camper group still at Main Camp, the Bears maintain some of the all-camp rhythms but take on greater levels of independence, skill-building, and responsibility. Bears take on several adventures throughout camp: a backpacking trip, our high ropes course, and day outings.

The Bears live in rustic dwellings, learning to cook over an open fire or camp stove. Building bushcraft skills, they learn to be at home in the Glen Brook forests. The Bears take on service leadership roles at camp, working on projects from trail maintenance to planning and leading all-camp festivities.

The Bears take on larger creative projects that give back to the camp community, such as building projects. By the end of the session, the Bears have culminated their Main Camp experience as camper-leaders, and are ready to take the next adventurous step.

Mentor and supervise, alongside your co-leader, a group of 8-16 teenagers throughout the two 3-week programs
Uphold the camp’s mission and values as defined in the staff handbook
Facilitate or assist with various camp activities, both for your cabin group but occasionally for other groups or the whole camp
Coordinate all aspects of daily schedule during program
Prepare program logistics, from scheduling to activities
Co-facilitate a multi-day backpacking trip, as well as several day outings
Drive a 14-passenger bus
Supervise and facilitate use of camping equipment
Teach and supervise basic field-cooking workshops
Ensure safety and well-being of campers
Bring positivity, professionalism, and empathy to all interactions with campers, staff, and families

Salary: $2,800-3,500 plus room and wholesome board.

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At least 21 years of age
CPR and Lifeguard certifications (Lifeguard training is provided at Camp Glen Brook free of charge)
Experience with and enthusiasm for working with teens
Experience with outdoor settings and camping
Strong work ethic and sense of initiative
Clean driving record
Desire to impart respect and stewardship of the environment
Demonstrated leading ability
WFA or WFR preferred

Required Skills:

Demanding and strenuous job requiring autonomy.
Experience with outdoor cooking skills over fires and camping stoves.

Preferred Skills:

Certified Lifeguard- Free training is offered June 22-26

About Camp Glen Brook

Glen Brook’s mission is to nurture a sense of personal responsibility for the world around us – our personal living spaces, our towns and cities, and the natural environment as a whole. At the core of all our activities is a belief in the inherent need in the human spirit to connect with one another and the natural world through work and play, to work creatively for both artistic pleasure and to solve problems of social importance, and to project a sense of compassion and responsibility toward all living things.

Application Instructions

Please apply on www.glenbrook.org for desired position.