CEAs are primarily responsible for supervising students within Alzar School’s residential life program. This includes the coordination of student meals, the facilitation of a variety of student activities, instruction of Alzar School’s residential life curriculum, and the monitoring of academic study halls. Moreover, these staff members play a critical role upholding community norms and standards, as well as maintaining a safe learning and living environment at the school. CEAs will work within the school’s medical program, administering medications to students and facilitating student visits to clinics and hospitals, when necessary.
Academically, the CEA will help coordinate, plan, and co-teach 4 – 6 sections of our Digital Storytelling course each semester. Additionally, they are also expected to instruct classes based on Alzar School’s Residential Life and Leadership curriculum on campus and on expedition.
Additionally, CEA’s will each have a designated auxiliary role, which will allow them to collaborate with specific programs within the school. The CEA can expect to spend approximately 4 hours per week working within their auxiliary roles. Auxiliary roles that CEAs may participate in include: the medical program, instructional technology, social media and the blog, and the outdoor program, among a host of other options.
Finally, CEA’s (along with our faculty) lead our various outdoor expeditions. The school has 4 major (7-day) expeditions per semester. The Community and Experiential Advisor can expect to lead between 3 – 4 of these expeditions per semester (approximately 6-8 weeks during the year on expeditions).

More questions? Please contact Director of Semester Programs, Michael Ervin ([email protected]).

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Application Instructions

Planning on applying? Apply for CEA positions via our online application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The link to the online application can be found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Svjm-ny0Nush9wX13zI9UdVBwT3puP-9T0_EsAiC8pA/edit