October 2022-September 2023
The Four Seasons of Leadership is a nature-based leadership training for wilderness guides, aspiring leaders, and world changers.

Let the seeds of your vision, life purpose and innate gifts sprout and grow with the support of a group of talented, enthusiastic peers. Let your roots go deep and branches wide with the inspiration and challenge of skilled guides and mentors. Let your core and trunk be strengthened by the wisdom and experience of compassionate elders. Taste the fruits of your labors in a concluding giveaway project of your creation.

Though this year will at times be inspiring, fun, and a great learning opportunity, it isn’t meant to be easy. It is intended to challenge you to grow, mature, quicken, and become the best leader you can be; doing your part to create a more healthy, sustainable, and beautiful world.

The program is designed to help participants get clear about their innate gifts and life purpose, then live into them through the skills, support and maturity gained. Participants will deepen in walking and facilitating our core practices of council, nature-based ceremony, earth skills, use of the medicine wheel, storytelling, mirroring, and more.

EACH SEASONAL MEETING OFFERS (approximately 1 week long in-person meetings/season):

• Earth-based/survival skills or crafts such as basketry, tracking, friction fire, etc.

• An inner or personal growth component usually including a ceremony for healing or maturation.

• A practical, planning or organizational component.

• A creative, visionary or ceremonial component.

There will be four, approximately one week-long wilderness trainings (one for each season), and group monthly in-person meetings or phone conferences. A commitment to personal practice and study is expected throughout the year, as well as regular check-ins with a support buddy from the group.

The entire year of the Four Seasons of Leadership is an initiatory experience. The skills learned will be useful on their own, for many types of mentorship and leadership, and specifically as a wilderness rite of passage guide for those in Track II. The Four Seasons of Leadership can also serve as the first year of the two year Cascadia Quest Guides Training.

This program has two unique tracks:

Track I is designed for any person desiring to deepen their knowledge, practice, and facilitation of wilderness rites of passage and ceremonial work.
Track II is a guide track supplement for those exploring or already committed to becoming wilderness rites of passage or vision fast guides.

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Cascadia Quest offers wilderness rites of passage, and other nature immersed personal growth and educational experiences.

Application Instructions

For more information and to apply, go to https://cascadiaquest.org/four-seasons-of-leadership