Minimum Age: 21 years of age, preferably a college junior
Terms of Employment: Head Counselors are hired for 10 weeks (May 27th to August 12th) unless contracted otherwise
Compensation: $3,800-, plus lodging, meals, travel reimbursement, and end-of-summer bonus ($500); WFA Certification included or bonuses for staff who already hold WFA certifications or higher.
Time Off: Approximately one night each week, plus three days between sessions
Number Hired: 15-20 males and 15-20 females, depending on enrollment
Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of a Head Counselor is to ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of campers in their care. Specific duties can be broken down into three categories: living in a cabin with 4-6 campers; planning and leading traditional in-camp activities; co-leading 3-5 day out-of-camp wilderness trips. The following is a brief description of each.

Each counselor is assigned to a specific age group or “camp,” each of which is housed in a distinct group of cabins. Head Counselors live in a cabin with 4-6 campers and are responsible for these campers at specific times such as rest hour after lunch, getting them to bed at night, getting them up and ready in the morning, bringing them to and from meals, making sure they are clean and healthy, etc. During in-camp activity periods, counselors plan and lead activities that are offered to campers in their age group. It is essential to understand that the camp does not pre-schedule activities for the campers. Instead, the counseling staff of each age group is responsible for creating and maintaining a diversified offering of activities. It is essential that every counselor be prepared to brainstorm, plan, schedule, and implement their age group’s program with input both from campers and other staff. Creativity and enthusiasm are a must!

About half of the time (time varies slightly with age group) will be spent leading 3-5 day out-of-camp backcountry wilderness trips. Counselors must be physically capable of leading challenging trips in the wilderness and must be interested in or knowledgeable about basic outdoor skills such as topographic map reading, outdoor cooking, backpacking techniques, minimum impact camping, etc. While counselors do not need to be knowledgeable in all areas of our wilderness program, some experience is essential. Staff training will fill in the gaps. Head Counselors must hold a current driver’s license and have current certifications in recognized first aid and CPR courses.

Head Counselors are asked to consistently provide positive, creative, and meaningful direction to the young lives with which they are entrusted, within the philosophies of Colvig Silver Camps. It is imperative that they be able to support established camp policies and promoted programs. Counseling is a 24-hour per day job with rewards proportionate to what is given. Be prepared to have more fun than you have eve

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About Colvig Silver Camps

Colvig Silver Camps is a family owned, coed, residential summer camp. Our philosophy is environmentally oriented and non-competitive, and our choice based format is designed to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, responsibility, and teamwork. We believe that the challenges of outdoor education, fun, and adventure provide some of the best opportunities to achieve this goal.

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