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Earthwork Programs is seeking Instructors for our wilderness homeschool, workshops, and expeditions.
The focus of this position will be staffing our wilderness homeschool, which runs sessions in the fall, winter, and spring. Staff will also have the opportunity to work at our summer camp. The homeschool program is currently operating on Wednesdays and Fridays. You can familiarize yourself with our curriculum at https://earthworkprograms.com/home/ourcurriculum/
We also have workshops for adults and future expeditions that Instructors may take part in.
Manage, direct, and teach skills to a group of youth participants, with the assistance of support staff.
Organize and execute predetermined “classes” or skills workshops to a group of youth.
Interpret group dynamics, and be able to adjust, disrupt, re-direct or shift the energy/focus of the group through mentoring techniques that will be shared by EW leaders.
React calmly, professionally and proactively to provide for the needs of students, or the greater EW team (e.g., medical needs, emotional support, tasks that another member of the group needs assistance with).
Work toward the success of the entire program with EW staff, in accordance with the goals and outcomes set by the leaders of the program.
During the duration of the program – work flexibly and respectfully with the leadership team to adjust, or co-create the curriculum; in response to any changes or challenges caused by unforeseen / unpredictable events (such as extreme weather).
Be physically active and work to the best of your abilities for long periods of time.
Maintain composure and continue to inspire and “take care” of others (both students and adult colleagues) in harsh conditions – such as extremely buggy, wet, cold settings.
Desired Skills & Abilities:
We need educators who are able to give feedback, be compassionate, understand mental, emotional and physical safety; and be able to articulate the transference of the experience into a life lesson.
We need you to be a leader. One of the most important signs of a good leader is to know when to lead, observe, recognize a participant, and seamlessly support the growth of another.
Having previous experience facilitating group dynamics and knowing when to shift the energy like an alchemist is a desired skill. Experience working with youth and adolescence is paramount.
Communication skills with staff, students, parents, and communities we encounter. This includes active listening, giving and receiving feedback, leading from the heart, “servant leadership,” environmental awareness; providing and receiving conscious, clear, caring and constructive feedback; and the ability to convey our expectations and how to live in community.
Outdoor Technical Skills
Since Earthwork is a year-round Wilderness Survival and Nature

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Earthwork Programs is a Wilderness Survival Training School. Earthworks teaches Emergency Survival, Wilderness Education, Self Sufficiency, and Nature Connection.

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Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]