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Dates: full-time/seasonal, running approximately from April 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021.
Compensation: $16–17 per hour

Job Summary & Duties for Field Coordinator:

-Conduct retreatment and revegetation on public and private lands.
-Oversee and guide conservation corps crews in nonnative tree treatment, herbicide application, and techniques for safe backcountry living and working.
-Communicate with corps, agency, NGO, contactor, volunteer, and other staff involved in ERWP activities about conservation work, horse packing, supply needs, schedules, communication expectations, and emergency response plans.
-Help with horsepacking operations by working directly with Field Supervisor on horsepack schedule, packing supplies, and other needs.
-Assist Field Supervisor and Conservation Programs Manager with preparing reports, presentations, grants, and other documentation, as needed.
-Work with Field Supervisor to become familiar with annual work plan goals for retreatment, revegetation and monitoring. Be familiar with access routes, estimated time and supplies necessary to complete sections, and other project needs.
-Attend GSEP staff meetings and events.
-Attend and actively participate in ERWP Full Partnership meetings, events and activities supported by Conservation Programs Manager and GSEP Executive Director.
-Keep project equipment and supply storage sheds organized and clean while also ensuring supplies are stocked and available for use.
-Assist Field Supervisor with keeping project database up-to-date and accurate, and ensure mapping and data entry are complete. Troubleshoot ArcGIS to make past and present data as accurate as possible.
-Responsible for managing proper use and storage of chemicals and other supplies associated with exotic plant control in a safe and effective manner. Keep Pesticide -Application Records up to date and assist with completing end of season reports for federal agencies.
-Ability to identify native trees and shrubs from non-native woody species and train staff and conservation corps members to also identify these species to avoid damaging non-target species while completing treatments using herbicide near waterways.
-Work with conservation corps, agency, NGO, and volunteer staff to conduct Rapid Monitoring assessments including native and nonnative plant assessments, photo point documentation, and evaluation of restoration goals as outlined in the ERWP Monitoring & Maintenance Plan.
-Assist with annual, historical photo points project within the Escalante Watershed.
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-Willingness to work cooperatively in a mission-driven environment
-Strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills
-Experience backpacking, hiking, and navigating in remote wilderness areas
-Ability to lift over 50 lbs. and carry a heavy pack over rough terrain for up to 10 miles
-Have Wilderness First Responder training (or above), or ability to obtain this certification
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About Grand Staircase Escalante Partners

Grand Staircase Escalante Partners (GSEP) is the nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This 1.88 million-acre national monument in Southern Utah is home to incredible biodiversity, important cultural and historical resources, and countless opportunities for scientific research. Due to the geographic remoteness and rugged character of this landscape, this region was the last area to be mapped in the contiguous United States and remains a frontier for exploration and discovery. The mission of Grand Staircase Escalante Partners is to honor the past and safeguard the future of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument through science, conservation, and education. We advocate for the strongest possible conservation management of the Monument.

GSEP is a core partner in the Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP), which was formed in 2009 to help organize and complete watershed-wide restoration and other activities.

Application Instructions

Please email your resume and a cover letter addressed to Jonathan Paklaian to [email protected]

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