Salmon fishing on Kodiak Island, a great way to spend a summer on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge….our site is located in Viekoda Bay. We live in comfortable cabins., in a protected cove. Crewmembers learn how to drive an aluminum skiff, pick nets, deliver to tenders, eat great homecooking! Family operated for many years. 2 permits, we catch all species of salmon. Learn knots, netmending, have a wood fired sauna on the beach, all while earning $$.

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teamplayer, sociable, curious, competent, sense of humor, cook or learn how to cook, responsible

Required Skills:

Must be physically fit, able to carry up to 50#, with the ability to learn how to run a chainsaw, generator, outboard. Must be able to get along with others. Able to fish the entire season, June - end of August. Ability to work long hours when the salmon arrive, our place is drug and alcohol free, Is responsible for self and others, sign a contract. We all share onshore chores i.e chop wood, help cook, kitchen/dishes,...has fun.

Preferred Skills:

Has used small tools, is able to live in a cabin for 3 months (we do have mail and starlink), has had experience on the water, a lake or ocean or any strenuous lifestyle (hiking, climbing, swimming etc) or any strenuous activity, Has fun, likes adventure!

About Half Moon Bay Fisheries LLC and "KodiakCatch"

family-operated wild salmon setnet fishing operation located in Viekoda Bay, Kodiak, Alaska. I have salmon fished since 1977. We own 2 permits. We sell to our cannery, Ocean Beauty Seafoods. We harvest sockeye, coho, chum, and pink salmon between June 1st through end of season, usually mid September. We sell a quality product, we bleed and chill the salmon immediately, in 34 degree seawater in our holding skiff. I also market our wild salmon in Northern California during the winter at the Arcata Farmers Market and local health food grocery stores, smoked or frozen filets.

Application Instructions

Please complete a one or 2 page resume, with a photo, job experience, education and, 3 to 4 references and why you think you would be a great pick...I already have 2 crew in their 20s, one female, one male.. [email protected]