The NOLS Wilderness Medicine Business Operations Director (BOD) works closely with the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Director to plan and enact current year course plans, and seed the market for future growth. The BOD oversees the NOLS Wilderness Medicine experience by supervising several departments within NOLS Wilderness Medicine. The BOD represents departmental viewpoints and strategic priorities on school-wide work groups and committees. The BOD is responsible for all hiring, training, and supervision of the Sponsor Coordinator, Partner Liaison, Equipment and Materials Manager, and Finance Manager and their teams (10 staff total). The BOD will operate with a high level of strategic planning responsibility and consistently seek out innovation and efficiencies within current business systems, and will play an important role in Wilderness Medicine’s ongoing development of new business systems. The BOD directly supervises all money in and out of revenue accounts, historically, $7.4 million (FY19), and contra expense accounts. The BOD supervises gear and material operations, involving $1 million of gear inventory in over 100 gear sets that are located worldwide. The BOD has signature authority over all Wilderness Medicine account lines.
The BOD is responsible for the development, management, and facilitation of all course-related operations of NOLS Wilderness Medicine: over 900 courses, 22,000 students and 83,000 student days (FY19). The position is tasked with perpetual refinement of our business systems in order to provide the best service to our students through the most efficient and cost-effective systems. The BOD is the chief contract negotiator for most Wilderness Medicine courses and collaborates to develop Master Services agreements for NOLS larger vendors. The BOD is a signer for legal contracts and is responsible for NOLS’ compliance with those contracts.

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The BOD must have exceptional communication, organizational, managerial, supervisory, and facilitation skills. This position requires the candidate to develop an intimate knowledge of the NOLS Wilderness Medicine mission, curriculum, brand, and operations. The BOD must be a versatile manager capable of moving from one unrelated topic to another with fluency.

Required Skills:

Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in business operations.
Minimum of 2-3 years of experience building budgets.
Minimum of 3-5 years supervisory experience.
Inbound and outbound customer service experience is preferred.
Above average fluency with technology.
Ability to think both creatively and critically.
Ability to think systematically while carefully managing a large amount of detail.
Experience negotiating financial and legal contracts.

About NOLS

NOLS is a nonprofit global wilderness school offering programming in wilderness expeditions, leadership skills, risk management, and wilderness medicine training.

Application Instructions

Send Cover Letter and Resume to: Melisssa Gray Email: [email protected] Phone: 307-332-7800.