At Pocono Springs, we staff our camp with outstanding people who are dedicated to working with children and creating an atmosphere of family, spirit, and excitement. If you have a passion for life and a desire to impact the lives of children by helping them be their best selves and to also grow as an individual yourself, Pocono Springs is the right place for you. Being a camp counselor is not only one of the most important and rewarding jobs you will ever have — it’s the hardest job that you will ever love!

Our Archery program is incredibly popular for all our campers at Pocono Springs. Previous experience with Archery is important, however camp will provide you with an Instructor Training Certification once you arrive at camp!

Activity Specialist Description:
• Lives in a cabin with a group of 6 – 12 children and 2 co-counselors
• Provides quality instruction in your specialized program area. (i.e. Archery, general athletics, soccer, yoga, etc)
• Will provide age specific activities/drills that represent the age of the campers you are working with
• To be a great role model to all campers you interact with in your program area
• Will be creative and innovative in keeping your program area fresh and exciting
• When not instructing in your specialized area you will be fulfilling the cabin specialist role with your group of campers. (see cabin specialist job description for more info)

Cabin Counselor Description:
• Lives in a cabin with a group of 6-12 children and with 2 co-counselors.
• Act as a leader, guide, helper and positive role model with your group of assigned campers.
• Maintains maximum safety for all campers at all times.
• Participates in all daily camp activities with your campers and other staff.
• Will make sure your campers are prepared to participate in daily activities.
• Establishes an individual relationship with each camper.
• Lead and/or assist in a particular program area. (Photography)
• Puts the needs of the campers before those of yourself.
• Establishes with campers the way we do things in the daily routine of cabin cleanliness, personal hygiene, sleep and rest.
• Help campers develop life skills including independence, cooperation, responsibility & perseverance.

Salary begins at $1700 for a freshman in college and increases based on year completed at University and experience in field of instruction. Salary includes room and board, all meals, and laundry services for the term of employment.

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Completed one year of University or is 19 years of age.

About Pocono Springs Camp

Pocono Springs WILL become your home-away-from-home!

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, just 75 miles from New York City and 100 miles from Philadelphia, Pocono Springs Camp is a traditional co-ed camp experience in a unique 5-week program. We offer an extensive variety of activities and healthy challenges that allow campers to flourish and our staff bring these opportunities alive! Campers have the opportunity to experience personal success, build confidence and independence while creating lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

In addition to the innovative five-week program, completely renovated property, and inspired Directors, Pocono Springs prides itself on a team of staff members who exemplify what it means to provide campers with the summer of a lifetime each and every summer they spend at Pocono Springs. Our camp family of administration, staff, and campers define who we are and why Pocono Springs is not just our summer camp, it’s our summer home.

Application Instructions

Please head to the JOIN OUR STAFF section of our website and complete the online application. Email [email protected] with any questions!