The Operation and Rental Manager (ORM) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Sea Trek rental business and maintaining the physical infrastructure of the company. Opportunity for growth after first year into staffing and programs manager or general manager of Sausalito Base. The ideal candidate will be over qualified for the Rental Manager so that they are ready to take on more responsibilities after 6 months.

1. Rental Manger

The ORM holds ultimate responsibility for the safety of all staff and clients participating in the rental operation. The ORM ensures staff members are following the guidelines established by our code of safe work practices. This includes monitoring the existing and forecasted weather conditions to make judgments about appropriate staffing, and communicating to the staff about limiting clientele based on those conditions and experience levels.

The Rental Staff report directly to the ORM. This means the ORM directs the dock staff to specific positions, ensures staff members are rotating and taking breaks as necessary, provides direction on specific tasks beyond the standard day-to-day operation, and ensures clients are being launched and landed safely. The ORM oversees the Rental Supervisor.

Expectations to hold and run regular team meetings

The ORM is responsible for training all dock staff. This includes on-boarding new hires with a review of the Sea Trek Safety Manual, training manuals for dock staff and desk staff training modules, and the Sea Trek Staff handbook. This also includes the organization of ongoing training and training returning staff on updated policies.

The ORM coordinates with the Staffing and Programs Manager to ensure the rental operation is adequately staffed. This requires the evaluation of historical trends, weather forecasts, and trip and class demand.

The OM is responsible for providing timely feedback and performance reviews to all rental staff.

2. Sales/ Reservations Assistant

The ORM is the face of the company and interacts directly with nearly all of our customers. The OM welcomes clients to our location, resolves any disputes, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

The ORM assists the other managers with client communication via email. The OM regularly represents the company in written communication.

The ORM shares responsibility for answering phones with the other management level staff. Typically this entails booking rental and trip reservations and answering general information questions for clients. This requires a thorough understanding of not only Sea Trek’s trip offerings, but also alternative activities in the local area.

3. Ongoing Operations

The ORM oversees the maintenance of all equipment used in the business. This includes all kayaks, paddleboards, paddles, soft gear, and first aid kits. The OM helps establish, distribute, and monitor a budget for the maintenance of this material. This maintenance requir

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3-5 years of outdoor recreation guiding experience. Preferably as a Sea Kayak guide

Min. 2-4 years of staff management experience

Min. 2 years’ experience in an administrative role

Proven experience in leadership roles within the outdoor adventure or related industry.

Strong organizational and time management skills.

Exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities.

Demonstrated knowledge of safety protocols, emergency procedures, and environmental conserva

About Sea Trek Kayak and Stand Up Paddle

Sea Trek was founded in 1982 as the first commercial sea kayaking business in California.Three decades later Sea
Trek continues to offer premier kayaking and standup paddleboard classes, trips, and rentals on the Sausalito
waterfront. In 1978, Sea Trek started one of the first commercial sea kayaking tour companies in Baja, Mexico.
Loreto continues to be Sea Trek’s second home in the Fall and Spring for international multi-day adventures. Sea
Trek prides itself in providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Sea Trek is looking for
dedicated, friendly and motivated staff to join the Sea Trek family.

Application Instructions

Please submit a job aplication at https://jobs.gusto.com/postings/sea-trek-llc-operation-and-rental-manager

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