Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Wilderness Coordinator
Dates: 5/2/2021- 8/27/2021

Program: Coordinate Wilderness Youth Crews in Thousand Lakes Wilderness Area. Responsible for project planning, partner communication, logistics, and reporting.

5/3-5/28 Wilderness Crew Prep
-Scout project area
-Create 2021 work plan
-Create data set goals
-Create management of data sets for field system, manage and monitor throughout season
-Coordinate food and logistics for backcountry crews
-Support local recruitment efforts

6/3-6/14 Youth Crew Leader Training- Quincy, CA
-Attend YCL training to learn systems, scope of work, and risk management policies
-Coordinate final logistics for Wilderness crew- food shopping, tool cache, van shuttle, and project site visits

6/14-8/13 Wilderness Crew
-Work, Camp, and supervise crew M-F
-Safely co-lead Wilderness Crew focusing on crew safety, productivity, and cohesion
-Responsible for project documentation and reporting
-Foster personal development and group cohesion amongst crew
-Create and deliver educational programming for students
-Lead crew in derigging, food shopping, and van shuttle logistics
-Mentor and support other Crew Leader

8/16-8/27 Wilderness Crew Wrap Up
-Complete any needed project surveys
-Create work plan for 2022-23
-Manage data set for Wilderness area
-Coordinate with FS of work plan and necessary surveys for 2021 and 2022.

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About Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship runs trails programs in the Lost Sierra region of California. We have successfully built over 100 miles of new trail, engaged over 100,000 of volunteer trail hours. We work to maintain and development new trails for multiple user groups.

Application Instructions

Send Cover Letter and Resume to Mandy at [email protected] by 3/28/2021