Anyone passionate about customer service and administrative work, but also wanting to dabble in guiding and outdoor work. Some office staff go on to become full-time guides in future seasons, while others continue to grow and develop their highly transferable office skills, gaining more responsibilities while still continuing to progress as guides part-time.

Season – May 16th – Sept 14th, 2024

Office team members will split their time between day guiding and working in one of SEAG’s 2 client-facing offices. Each office has a specific function and its own set of daily tasks, but in both locations office staff will act as the face of the company, greeting guests and providing basic customer service. Our offices often function as general “visitor information centers” so a high-level understanding of the area and other local businesses is required. Administrative tasks in the office include but are not limited to answering phone calls and emails, providing information about the area and SEAG offerings, retail and activity sales, managing a cash drawer and taking payments, helping clients complete required paperwork, data entry, and some scheduling. The office environment can be extremely fast-paced and is a very social atmosphere, so office team members must exercise good social awareness and communication skills to help clients efficiently. While high-level scheduling of daily operations and logistics is handled by management, it is up to the office staff to put those plans into action and make sure guides, vans, and clients are in the right place at the right times. Working in a dynamic environment, even the best-laid plans will occasionally require a full pivot or some type of alteration, and the good judgment and critical thinking of our office team are required to save the day. Office shifts start early in the morning and last all day and staff must be responsible for scheduling their own breaks at an appropriate time.

Guiding First-year Office Team Members can expect to guide 1-2 days a week on average, with less guiding at the start of the season and more guiding toward the end of the season.

You can find a lot more information about this position on our company website at https://www.steliasguides.com/employment/

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* 3 years of college or life experience post High School
* Current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid Certificate
* Experience working in customer and hospitality
* Must have experience with administrative work and are comfortable with basic office tasks like sending emails, answering phone calls, using an online calendar, etc.
* Experience living in rustic and communal environments is preferred but not required.

About St. Elias Alpine Guides

St. Elias Alpine Guides has been guiding first-rate adventures led by professional guides since 1978. We are professional Alaska Mountain guides & Rafting Guides with decades of experience in the wilderness. St. Elias Alpine Guides is the longest-running business in WSENP and has grown from a staff of about 5 to nearly 40 in the several decades we’ve been around. In that time, we’ve developed an amazing company culture, comfortable infrastructure, and maintained access to the most inspiring outdoor office you could ever dream of!

We attract dedicated and talented people from a variety of backgrounds and have a high retention rate because of our dedication to their growth and development. Founded and led by climbers and guides, we value and nurture the tradition of mentorship, recognizing that we all start at the bottom of the mountain to climb to the top. We have developed an intensive training program with many additional learning opportunities for our staff to develop bo

Application Instructions

The hiring process includes email correspondence, reference checks, and a video interview usually lasting an hour - the entire process can take 2-3 weeks. To apply, please email the following application materials to [email protected]: 1 Cover letter stating why you are interested in working for us, which position(s) you are interested in, and your dates of availability for the summer 2 Current and detailed work history resume 3 Current and detailed resume/summary of outdoor experience/qualifications