The Post-Secondary Program Coordinator is an exciting and dynamic position at Summer Search Boston. The Post-Secondary Program Coordinator will work with participants as they plan for, transition into, and progress through their chosen post-secondary pathway whether that be college, a vocational track, a gap year program, or joining the military or workforce. The Post-Secondary Program Coordinator will also work with Post-Secondary Participants from Year 2-6 on a network-wide team comprised of mentors across the different sites, to meet participant needs.

This Post-Secondary Program Coordinator will join a team of six, comprised of two additional post-secondary program coordinators, a post-secondary program manager, a career navigator and internship manager, a career navigator and internship coordinator, and a director. We are passionate about working with youth and committed to building long-term, holistic, individualized relationships with each student to support them in their journey through high school and beyond.


Post-Secondary Program Coordinator will be responsible for a caseload of participants between the ages of 17-24. They will support each student in developing and implementing plans that are specific to their needs, interests, and strengths as they transition from high school towards their post-secondary goals.

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EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE: At least 2 years of professional experience serving first-generation students from low-income backgrounds and/or communities of color (high school or college-aged).

About Summer Search

At Summer Search, we believe in 'No Ceilings' and envision a world in which young people, regardless of circumstances, can chart their own destiny. In the United States, students from underserved communities – disproportionately BIPOC and first-generation – face systemic inequities in school, in the workforce, and in life. Nevertheless, these young people possess unique strengths, resilience, and limitless potential.

Since 1990, Summer Search has partnered with young people during their transition from adolescence into adulthood by connecting them to expansive opportunities, professional mentoring, and a community of support. Summer Searchers recognize their potential and build a toolkit to navigate and challenge systemic barriers, break new ground for their families and communities, and achieve economic equity and a life of purpose.

Application Instructions

TO APPLY Click on the link linked to this post to submit a resume and targeted cover letter, addressed to Adriana Espinal, Director of Post-Secondary and Alumni Relations, that answers the question, “Why are you interested in the Post-Secondary Program Coordinator opportunity at Summer Search?”