Position: Trips Manager (TM)
Department: Backcountry Trips Program Operation
Manager’s Title: Camp Director
Summarize major function of the position:

In the spring and summer months, the TM resides and works from the TVRC EF Ranch in Dubois, WY. The TM is responsible for assisting in facilitation of training, supervising, managing, and evaluating all Trips Program seasonal staff. The TM is also responsible for supporting all aspects of the Trips Program. The TM is also responsible for assisting the Operations Director in meeting reporting requirements and deadlines for permits in the National Forests and Grand Teton National Park. The TM will also promote a culture of risk management both on the trail and at the ranch. The TM will share some duties with the Trips Assistant (TA), and both will work closely in order to ensure that all the afore mentioned responsibilities are carried out effectively.

List essential functions of the position:

• Account for user days on our “Special Use Permits” for Bridger-Teton (BTNF), Shoshone (SNF), and Caribou-Targhee (CTNF) National Forests, and Grand Teton National Park
• Manage logistics and scheduling details for the Trips Program
• Assist with training of Trips Program seasonal staff
• Manage all Trips Program staff and all Trips Program areas
• Assist in managing logistics and relationships with TVRC’s chosen “Outfitters”
• Oversee inventory and organizes purchases of gear for the Trips Program
• Assist in overseeing trips program budget throughout the summer program, and create end-of-summer budget report for the OD
• Manage the training for, and use of vans, satellite phones for the summer program…to include working closely with TA to create and manage the van and van drivers’ schedule
• Assist OD with planning and facilitation of Wilderness First Aid course for staff training
• Assist in ensuring that incident reports are submitted in a timely and complete manner and bring any significant incident to the attention of OD/ED
• Ensure that all current ACA standards pertaining to the Trips Program are met and properly documented
• Effectively carryout duties and responsibilities stated in TVRC EF’s “Emergency Operating Plan” and as directed by the Incident Commander
• Create a Trips Program end-of summer report for OD

-Program Implementation and Facilitation-
• Ensure that Trips Program staff are effectively trained in their seasonal duties.
* Conduct Trip Leader Training for all Trip Staff, both on the Ranch and on the trail
* Conduct job specific training and test competencies for all Trips Program Positions
* Conduct formal and informal evaluations of all Trips Program staff
• Schedule and assign Trip Leaders/Counselors/Campers to backpacking and pack trips
• Work with the TA to develop the driving schedules and assign drivers
• Manage and oversee Trip Foods (process and product).
• Manage and oversee Backpacking Shed (equipment upkeep, process, inventory)
• Manage and offe

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About Teton Valley Ranch Camp

Teton Valley Ranch Camp (Dubois, WY) is a non-profit residential summer camp, located an hour and a half east of Jackson Hole, WY. 135 boy campers join us for the first half of the summer, followed by 135 girl campers, all between the ages of 11 and 16. Campers participate in many traditional camp program activities (e.g. fly fishing, target sports, craft-shop, nature discovery), with special emphasis on western heritage, western adventure, and western horseback riding. All of our campers also participate in our backcountry trips program. We are fortunate enough to be among the few operations with permits to take our campers into the Bridger-Teton, Shoshone, and Caribou-Targhee National Forests, as well as into Grand Teton National Park. Our western adventure based backcountry trips program includes day hikes, overnight trips, and multiday backpacking treks lasting 3 to 6 days. Our western heritage based backcountry trips program includes multiday horse pack trips.

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