One-on-one mentorship with program participants, practicing direct, honest, and compassionate communication
Organizing and leading outdoor adventures and other challenges
General responsibility of each participant’s quality of experience
Running daily meetings and check-ins
Cooking (and shopping for) group meals

Questions to ask yourself:
If you were tasked with organizing and leading a week-long wilderness backpacking trip for a group of 8 Gap Year participants—with support but fundamentally running the thing yourself—would you feel confident in your ability to make this happen in a way that is safe and meaningful?

Are you enthusiastic about the prospect of living in rural western Colorado, in a mostly outdoor environment, waking up to beautiful mountain views every day, peeing in the woods, with a slow internet connection and little personal life outside of the Gap Year, for multiple months?

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Desired background:
Group leadership experience with teenagers & young adults in residential-style programs
Wilderness trip-leading experience
Group living experience (e.g. communal cooking, consensus decision-making)

Other desired traits:
Age 21 minimum
Spanish language abilities are helpful, as is Wilderness First Aid certification
A female/NB would balance the current gender distribution, but all are welcome to apply
The applicant should not be someone who might otherwise consider join

About The High Desert Center

The High Desert Center provides Gap Year Programs for freedom and adventure loving young adults. We tend to be homespun and informal. We dumpster dive and skinny dip and love spontaneous adventures. We inspire rather than coerce. Our Gap Year programs teach the skills that change your experience, like how to make everyday life an adventure, how to take care of yourself, how to make a difference, how to connect. We offer participants the chance to be seen and accepted for who you already are, the chance to become who you want to be, and the chance to see the world for what it is and what it could be.

Application Instructions

Please send a letter of introduction to [email protected]