Our Environmental Education Internships at Twin Eagles Wilderness School are an opportunity for an immersive experience in deep nature connection within a culture of conscious mentoring. You’ll experience a plethora of tools for connecting with the land, yourself, and others. Our vision weaves together the timeless wisdom of our indigenous cultures and teachers along with current best practices in experiential outdoor education. This combines into powerful and transformative community building, self-discovery, and sense of place. We’ll show you how this can be done so you’ll leave with a strong set of practices and a felt sense in your body of authentic deep nature connection mentoring. Being an intern is a chance to meet like-minded people who care about nature, enjoy community, and have a passion for self-awareness. You’ll get to be a part of a growing community and see the living results of the nurturing power of deep nature connection alongside the timeless wisdom of mentoring relationships that create the kind of people needed for a healthy, vibrant planet. This is an opportunity for you to experience working with children, staff, parents, and elders in a healthy and thriving nature-based community setting. Being witness to younger generations learning the values of nature ignites a deep sense of hope in our interns. Being an intern is an opportunity for immense personal growth and is truly a catalyst for your journey towards actualizing your fullest potential in service to the earth and future generations.

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A passion for connecting with nature and sharing that connection with youth. Comfortable spending full days outside, and camping for the duration of the internship.

Required Skills:

a clean background check and 3 positive references

About Twin Eagles Wilderness School

Twin Eagles is a family-centered outdoor educational organization serving families and communities through out the Inland Northwest. We offer programs out of a deep love for the Earth and for our role as humans to be stewards of it. That stewardship is a result of connection. Wilderness survival, outdoor leadership, community building and mentoring are but a few of the tools and approaches we use to facilitate that connection. We hope you’ll join us!

Application Instructions

Please send letter of inquiry, cover letter and/or resume to Jeannine Tidwell at: [email protected] or call (208) 265-3685

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