University of Idaho MFC/MOSS Greenhouse and Grounds Steward will help develop, plant and maintain the new greenhouse, plant and maintain native plants on campus, and mitigate invasive weeds via mechanical means. This position is also welcome to develop curriculum for K12 students pertaining to any of the above. Other possible duties include helping in the kitchen, or elsewhere on campus as needed.
● Compensation:
$18.00/hr, 20-40hrs per week
● Employment Dates:
May 1- September 30, 2023
● On-campus housing options:
Available for free
● Meal Plan options:
Available throughout the summer
when Residential Programs in session
● Supervisor:
MOSS Food Systems Manager
ABOUT MOSS: Our K12 Programs use the outdoor environment as an integrative context for learning. We encourage a hands-on approach to scientific thinking highlighting the relationships between biological, physical, and social systems. Programs focus on building community skills, fostering a sense of place, and developing scientific literacy. Students practice science through hands-on exploration and experimentation, student-directed inquiries, and the opportunity to apply these skills and knowledge to real problems and situations.
Visit https://www.uidaho.edu/cnr/mccall-field-campus/programs-and-services/moss to learn more about MOSS Programs.
ABOUT MOSS FOODSYSTEMS: We look to take care of our guests by creating real, happy, vibrant food. We create menus and cook for groups of all ages. We look to source as much food as we can from local and regional suppliers, growers, ranchers and providers.
MAIN FOCUS (approximately 80%): Assist in local and sustainable food production and education by:
●Helping to erect greenhouse and plan/build internal layout
●Helping establish seasonal and permanent plantings. Maintain plantings through the growing season.
●Plan brief curriculum for, and experiences in, the greenhouse that connect students vividly to food growing, and present multiple perspectives and ways of relating to food production and the land, and are culturally relevant. Facilitate these experiences when we have the opportunity during the season
●Track and mechanically control invasive plants on campus
●Plant and maintain native plants on targeted areas on campus

●Develop a plan for overwintering the greenhouse structure and its permanent plants SECONDARY FOCUS (approximately 20%):
●Assist with kitchen operations as needed
●Assisting with other programming needs (e.g., maintenance of equipment, facilities needs) as necessary

Tagged as: Cooks and Food Service


●At least one year of relevant experience facilitating gardening, farming, landscaping, or similar work
●Demonstrated commitment to fostering equitable and inclusive communities in facilitation of student groups and in the workplace
●Willingness to promote a learning facilitation and work environment while also attending to the needs of students and other McCall Field Campus guests
●Willingness to contribute to MOSS Community through participating in shared community chores

Required Skills:

Qualifications continued:

●Willingness to carry out oral and written instructions of direct supervisor and to communicate own needs open and directly
●Ability to follow MOSS risk management and address concerns and needs
●Ability to pass a federal background check and adhere to UI Protecting Minors best practices. ●Must be able to work independently and productively with a minimum of supervision
●Must be able to move on packed dirt and paved trails as well as across the landscape of campus

Preferred Skills:

●Experience with greenhouses/growing food in a weather/seasonal environment like McCall, with composting and soil development, and with native and invasive plants.
●Experience implementing the McCall Outdoor Science School education philosophy, outdoor leadership and environmental education curriculum and practices.
●Experience with: the general public/public setting, working in a service related industry, managing small crews, project layout and assignment, working in a university/academic environment.

About University of Idaho -McCall Outdoor Science School

The mission of the McCall Outdoor Science School is to transform individuals and communities through innovative research and educational experiences. We envision vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities, empowered to ask difficult questions and transform ways of thinking, to collaboratively and compassionately sustain the social and ecological systems that provide for us. Our faculty, staff and students value creativity, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, integrity, collaboration and reflection. To this end, we educate, lead, discover, create and communicate.

Application Instructions

Submit a resume, brief letter of interest, and professional references to Betsy Booth, MOSS Food Systems and Sustainability Manager at [email protected]