The Health Officer furthers the mission of YMCA Camp Bernie by overseeing the health and wellness of all camp participants while on duty in the Wellness Center. The Health Officer ensures and provides for adequate physical conditions for all. The Health officer will also work with Unit Leaders and Trip Coordinators to meet the health and safety needs of the campers.

Tagged as: Camp Staff, Medical


-Current CPR, AED, First Aid, and O2 certifications
-Additional medical experience is preferred
-WFR/EMT preferred

Required Skills:

-Experience working with children and young adults
-Ability to be comfortable and calm in emergency medical situations
-Desire to work in a camp community
-Ability to communicate clearly with staff and campers

About YMCA Camp Bernie

YMCA Camp Bernie’s Overnight Camp is a traditional, co-ed program for kids entering grades 2-10. Campers are grouped into Units by gender and age, with each Unit divided into cabins composed of 8-10 campers and 2-3 counselors. Our traditions and camp spirit unite our overall camp community as campers are engaged in instructional activities, structured free play and memorable all-camp events each session.

Application Instructions

Please visit https://www.campbernieymca.org/job-opportunities for full job description, compensation details, and application instructions.