The Zion Guru Outfitter is the ultimate resource for visitors to Zion National Park and it’s surrounding areas. The Outfitter will help guests and clients have the best possible experience while visiting ZNP. The Outfitter will achieve this goal by providing current and up to date information on the conditions of the park to include: weather, seasonality of visit, trail closures, crowd levels, permits, shuttles (public & private) etc… This also may include food recommendations, parking information, and general park knowledge. The Outfitter will be the clients “Guru” for the Narrows hike. This includes presenting to clients best practices for the Narrows hike as well as sizing and renting to clients the proper gear and equipment for their hike and abilities. These responsibilities may also include other hikes or activities that require specialized gear.

All training days in the store are paid at $12/hour and once you have completed your training curriculum (usually 10-12 days) and we have decided you will be a good fit for Zion Guru, we will graduate you to additional duties in the shop and increase your pay to $14/hour. Raises will commensurate with abilities. Guided Trip audit days are paid as per diem rates as Half or Full-day, respective to the trips you will be auditing. Audits are designed to familiarize you with the many guides, locations, and trip styles we deliver. Further compensation channels are available with Zion Guru such as shuttle driving, special projects (mainly in winter), and assisting on guided trips.

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Interpersonal skills – patience, a good listening ear, and confident communication are important skills an outfitter must rely on while assisting customers
Patience – work as a outfitter can include some stressful situations with a variety of customers, and the outfitter is expected to remain calm and pleasant no matter the situation
Technological proficiency – the duties of an outfitter are sometimes carried out on the phone or on the computer, and should be comfortable using technology

Required Skills:

Holistic approach to customer service, Handling inquiries via phone, email, and other social media channels, Washing and restocking equipment daily, Store stocking, Maintaining a clean work environment, Maintain up to date knowledge of Zion National Park and surrounding area conditions, Prepare by actively exploring Zion and the surrounding parks, Communicating effectively with clients, fellow outfitters, and guides, Develop competency in canyoneering, climbing and river hiking

Preferred Skills:

Becoming well versed in southwest geology, geography, natural history, flora and fauna, Gear maintenance, Booking on shuttles, guided trips, and equipment reservations, Sizing customers for appropriate footwear, drysuits, wetsuits, rental eBikes,etc…

About Zion Guru

Our company is Zion Guru, owned and operated by Jonathan Zambella, who has been successfully outfitting the Zion Narrows and guiding canyoneering tours in southwest Utah for over 23 years. Our future employees would be tasked with assisting clients with hiking and tour information as well as renting them appropriate equipment for their self-guided hike of the Virgin River Narrows. We are located in Springdale, Utah, a quarter mile from ZNP. Zion sees 4.3 million visitors each year and is still growing in visitation.

Our organization focuses on the personal development of all with whom we come in contact. Our core values are to Inspire, Empower, and Explore. Our goal is to impress the wonder we experience every time we step outside upon our visitors. We strive to inspire others to live as a truer version of themselves while visiting the most sacred places on Earth.

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