The Student Wellness, Experience, and Leadership Coordinator (SWELC) oversees the student experience at Alzar School, with the primary goal of ensuring that the semesters offer students a meaningful, productive, and powerful experience. It is the SWELC’s responsibility to support student’s growth and development across multiple departments within the school. The SWELC reports directly to the Director of Expeditions & Risk Management, but collaborates regularly with the Director of Student Success, Equity & Belonging and the Director of Semester Program. Depending on the selected candidate’s qualifications and the school’s needs, responsibilities are likely to include teaching a section or sections of an academic class. This position works closely with the Director of Student Success, Equity and Belonging, Director of Studies and Director of Expeditions and Risk Management. Additionally, the SWELC is responsible for helping foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for students within the program. The SWELC also serves in the “administrator on call” role, providing support to programmatic staff. The SWELC shall live and work in Patagonia, Chile during the time that students are completing that portion of their semester (each year, this is from approximately November 1 to December 16 and January 27 to March 23, or 7 weeks per semester). The SWELC is required to live on campus in Idaho and Chile (housing provided). This is a twelve month, full-time, exempt salaried position. As this is a new position for Alzar School, this job description will be adapted and updated based on the candidate’s skill sets and a review of the efforts put into practice. It is possible that tasks described below will be augmented, changed, or deleted in the first year of employment.

Alzar School employees motivate, inspire, and educate our students both in and out of the classroom. They are passionate educators who are excited to share their knowledge of content areas, enthusiasm for the outdoors, and curiosity for cultural learning. Please read more detailed job description at http://tinyurl.com/swelc2024

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The SWELC for Alzar School should be a highly qualified educator, in both the classroom and outdoor settings. The selected SWELC shall possess and/or demonstrate as many of the following experiences as possible:

-Experience of successful leadership in education
-Secondary teaching experience
-Experience leading youth in the outdoors
-Experience leading youth on international travel programs
-Personal domestic and international travel experience

About Alzar School

Alzar School’s mission is to build leaders who positively impact the world. Our school integrates the “six foundations” of our program, Academics, Leadership Training, Outdoor Adventure, Cultural Exchange, Service Learning, and Environmental Stewardship, to motivate passionate future leaders.

Application Instructions

Please apply at http://tinyurl.com/swelc2024app

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