Co-leader for professionally-guided, multi-night canoe trip on the Wisconsin River, ending at the Mississippi River, for approx 10 teens ages 13-15. Guide youth through an adventure while also adding spirit and depth to the experience. This is similar to a rite of passage for them, so we make it meaningful. Responsibilities include pre-trip equipment and food prep and post-trip clean up. The dates for this short-lived position are July 11-29, 2020. The trip itself runs July 14-27, which makes it a fun mid-summer adventure!

Tagged as: Camp Counselors


You are at least 21 years old, preferably a certified life guard, with First Aid and CPR certification and some outdoors/trip/youth work experience.

Required Skills:

Able to pull a loaded canoe onto a beach, make camp, break camp, patiently guide teens, and enjoy an extended float on the beautiful Wisconsin River.

Preferred Skills:

Able to paddle, teach paddling, build a fire and cook over it.

About Camp Woodbrooke

Camp Woodbrooke is a unique, residential summer camp located on 162 acres where up to 34 campers ages 7-12 can explore the natural world in a caring, safe community. Campers make cooperative decisions about activities, participate in daily work crews, and practice life skills such as independence, accountability, negotiation, and decision making. A small program for teenagers 13-15 expands on the experiences and opportunities of the younger campers.

Application Instructions

Applications and instructions can be found on our website: http://www.campwoodbrooke.org/employment.php Feel free to reach out to me (Jill) at [email protected]. We would love to connect with you and get this ball rolling!