Counselors live with and are responsible for a group of campers – at Land O’Peaks, counselors live in cabins with the campers and one or more other counselors, and at the Trail’s End Ranches, counselors live in cabins near camper wagons. Counselors care for and provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for each camper. They write five to six weekly reports to parents, supervise meals, maintain discipline, and set a good example. Counselors also help campers with laundry sorting, making beds, homesickness, and personal hygiene. They plan and lead fun and engaging activities while assisting campers with earning their patches and keeping accurate records of campers who have earned patches in their area.
Being a counselor is a very important position, and the choices you make affect the campers’ entire camp experience. The goal of the counselor is to give each camper a safe, fun, and memorable summer where they learn about themselves and learn to “act spontaneously in the right.”

Counselors need the ability to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, communicate effectively with campers, peers, directors, and camper parents, and provide necessary instruction to campers. All counselors must have the visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards, the cognitive ability to plan and conduct the activity safely, the physical ability to respond appropriately to situations (especially those requiring first aid), and the physical ability and strength necessary to lead the activity five days a week. Counselors must be prepared for long hours, minimal personal time, and many rewards.

• Creating a sense of community and promoting the Cheley Spirit
• Assisting campers with earning their backpacking patch and keep accurate records of patch earners.
• Providing necessary instruction to campers on program and in unit.
• Identifying and responding to environmental and other hazards that may affect the campers while on backpacking trips.
• Planning hiking trips in Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks National Wilderness for groups of 10-13 campers and two counselors.
•Planning two-day to five-day backpacking trips for groups of ten campers and two counselors in Rocky Mountain National Park and/or Indian Peaks Wilderness, based on permits that we have secured for the summer. Meet with the Out of Camp Program Director to share routes and trip plans.
• Planning menus and food prep for each trip.
• Teaching cooking on backpacking stoves, Leave No Trace ethics, orienteering (use of map and compass), basic geology (flora, fauna) and basic backcountry skills.
• Driving campers and packs (can change the balance of the van) in a 15-passenger van to and from trailheads.

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Age requirement: Must be 21 years old.
Experience: Backcountry hiking/backpacking experience and ability to navigate off trail above timberline required.
Physical Requirements: Must have visual and auditory ability to assess any unsafe environment or hazard and physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring first aid. Must have the physical ability and strength to carry a heavy pack over varied terrain (snow, tundra, boulders, loose rock, etc.) five days per week.

Required Skills:

Required Skills: Ability to teach hiking/backpacking skills: how to pack a pack, put up a tent, and cook over a stove.
Required Certifications: CPR and Wilderness First Aid.

Preferred Skills:

Preferred Skills: Knowledge of the Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks Wilderness.

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