The JUMP! Foundation is always seeking skilled and energetic candidates to join our team throughout the year. JUMP! staff are deeply committed agents of change and are recognized as individuals who bring diverse knowledge, extensive life experience and unique perspectives to facilitating experiential education programs. Enthusiastic and passionate about leadership and social development, JUMP! staff foster an environment that inspires, empowers and engages youth to reach their full potential. Together, our team delivers programs that spark personal development, strengthen the community and increase global awareness of participants.


Program Facilitation & Delivery:
1. Leading personal development and team-building activities that inspire and challenge youth.
2. Guiding reflective debrief sessions, goal-setting, and action-planning.
3. Providing continuous mentorship and facilitating conflict resolution among students.
4. Engaging youth in cultural activities and community development projects.
5. Upholding JUMP!’s experiential education best practices and safety management standards.

Cultural & Community Engagement:
1. Immersing participants in cultural experiences that foster understanding and connection.
2. Facilitating activities that promote community interaction and learning.
3. Enhancing program content with relevant cultural and community insights.
4. Building bridges between youth and local communities through structured interactions.

Program Evaluation & Improvement:
1. Assisting in the design and implementation of program evaluations.
2. Contributing insights and feedback for continual program enhancement.
3. Actively participating in the review and development of JUMP!’s curriculum and methodologies.

Risk Assessment & Child Protection Adherence:
1. Diligently conducting risk assessments for all program activities.
2. Strictly adhering to child protection policies and ensuring a safe environment for participants.
3. Responding effectively to any safety concerns or incidents.

Organizational Contribution:
1. Providing input on strategic organizational development as requested.
2. Sharing experiences through JUMP!’s communication channels like blogs, newsletters, and social media.
3. Actively engaging in professional development opportunities offered by JUMP! Foundation.

Tagged as: Camp Counselors


* Strong communication and facilitation skills, with an ability to engage and inspire youth.
* Previous experience in group facilitation, particularly in cultural immersion, outdoor education, or leadership training.
* Deep understanding and commitment to the principles of experiential education.
* Ability to problem-solve and resolve conflicts effectively.
* First Aid/Wilderness First Aid training and Child Protection Certification are highly desirable.
* Knowledge in international development

About JUMP! Foundation

The JUMP! Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes in inspiring, empowering, and engaging youth through collaborative and innovative experiential learning programs. JUMP! offers a series of leadership activities suited for students at international schools and universities, including in-school workshops (JUMP! Schools programs) and outdoor adventure trips (JUMP! Experience programs). We facilitate participants to develop personal, community, and inter-community leadership skills. To help realize our vision for a world in which young people fulfill their true potential, JUMP! donates a proportion of its revenue to support experiential youth-focused development projects around the world.

Application Instructions

Apply here at: https://jumpfoundation.bamboohr.com/careers/20 1) CV / Resume 2) Cover Letter/Letter of Motivation 3) A 5-minute video or audio recording of your response to key prompts outlined on the job description