Program Dates: 06/03/2024 – 10/20/2024 (20 weeks)

Program Description:
Work crew members (2 for 20 weeks) will work under the guidance of staff assigned by the manager at each respective lake. Interns will be expected to participate in all aspects of park maintenance, including but not limited to:

Using a variety of common hand tools, such as hatchets, saws, tampers, rakes, and shovels in performing simple maintenance or repair jobs and/or assisting others in more complex and demanding tasks such as moving earth or sand; setting forms and mixing and pouring concrete; lubricating equipment; and similar tasks.
Operating simple power tools as required. Moving materials by wheelbarrows or hand trucks. Moving and arranging furniture.
Operating equipment on grades and slopes such as chain saws, jack hammers, compactors, heavy power mowers, power trimmers, power edgers, powered string trimmers and large electric drills.
Performing routine maintenance work required, such as painting, preparing metal surfaces for painting and/or epoxying, scrubbing, sweeping, debris removal, tree cutting, litter pickup, weeding, and other tasks. On occasion, cutting or trimming grass using clippers of light or moderate weight. Digging ditches and trenches, filling and leveling holes, cleaning and storing hand tools.
Performing a variety of routine maintenance and upkeep duties for sites such as recreation and wildlife sites. This includes but is not limited to weeding, raking leaves, emptying refuse cans, removing debris from public grounds.
Works with Libby Dam staff to maintain and make minor repairs to irrigation systems and fencing. Uses common hand tools in repairing these items or assists by retrieving needed supplies and tools, and moving and holding items while the maintenance workers perform the needed repairs.
With detailed instructions, digs ditches and trenches where grading and sloping is not required; fills and levels holes; loads, unloads and moves materials, supplies and equipment; cleans and stores hand tools.
Performs minor maintenance on grounds equipment such as daily servicing requirements and blade changes.
Loads and unloads trucks, box cars and other conveyances; moves supplies and materials to proper location by wheelbarrows or hand trucks; stacks materials for storage or binning; collects refuse and salvageable material.
May clean and sanitize park buildings and facilities including restrooms, picnic shelters, RV dump stations, boating facilities, pump-houses, storage buildings, and park offices.
Work crew members will also work with project staff, USACE volunteers and external volunteer organizations to accomplish some of these tasks.

Member Benefits:
– *$500* – weekly living allowance
– *$25* weekly commuting allowance
– *$1200* – monthly housing allowance (5 months of housing)
– $650* reimbursable (to/from site) if not a local resident

This position is NOT AmeriCorps eligible due to high compensation rate

Tagged as: Camp Staff, Conservation, Support Staff


Driver's license
Personal vehicle required.
Willingness to work independently & with a team.
Reliable and trustworthy, including proper safety management around power tools.
Requires on-the-job competency training to perform work involving power tools and other handheld equipment.

About Student Conservation Association

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Application Instructions

https://myjobs.adp.com/scacareers/cx/job-listing Navigate to website > Copy & Paste "Internship-Park Restoration and Maintenance Crew" into search bar > Press ""Apply"" and follow prompts to complete application. "

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