The Institute for Natural Resources at Oregon State University is hiring field crew members for sagebrush steppe sampling during the 2024 field season. Work begins in April and will continue to August. The job involves vegetation and soil sampling using assessment inventory monitoring (AIM) protocols throughout Oregon, Washington, and Northeast California.

Field work entails 8-day sampling hitches where we will be camping in the areas we will be working. A full 8 day hitch consits of a total of around 80 hours of work. Crews have 6 days off between hitches. Crew members travel in work vehicles between their homes and the remote and widespread sample plots on the first and last days of the work hitch. There are typically 8 hitches during the season in addition to our training that starts in April.

Many crew members live in western and central Oregon as well as more dispersed places throughout the sampling region. In general, there is flexibility on where you can choose to live on the off hitches, provided it is logistically feasible.

In this position you will be conducting detailed monitoring using the Bureau of Land Management AIM protocols which includes digging a 70 cm soil pit, describing soil horizons, soil stability test, plant species inventories, line-point intercept, and gap intercept methods. You will be supervising a crew of 2 or 3 people and ensuring that plants are being successfully identified to species, data is being properly collected, and that data is being accurately entered and submitted in a timely fashion.

This job does involve a great deal of driving both on and off paved roads, as well as hiking with a pack full of your personal gear needed for the day and monitoring equipment. You will be working and living outside while on hitch in a wide variety of weather conditions which sometimes can quickly change.

Pay range for this position is $17.43 – $22.62 per hour

In addition to your hourly pay we also provide a per diem rate of around $77.18 a day which covers food and wear and tear on your camping gear. For a full 8-day 80 hour hitch you will receive an estimated $617.50 per hitch.

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- BA/BS degree in biology, botany, environmental science, or a related field
-Coursework in botany, ecology, range science, field methods, or soil science
-Outdoor leadership experince
-Excellent interpersonal communication skills
-Excellent organizational skills and ability to complete tasks on time
-Experience working and/or living with people or groups from differing backgrounds
-Demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity

Required Skills:

-Two years of college-level courses in (specific field of biological science) and one year of experience related to the area of assignment at the Biological Research Technician 1 level OR an equivalent combination of training and experience.
- Must successfully complete a motor vehicle history check, possess, and maintain a current, valid driver’s license in their state of residence.

Preferred Skills:

-Familiarity using ArcGIS Field Maps, Collector, and Survey123
-Knowledge and experience using dichotomous keys to identify plants
-Experience working in sagebrush steppe, and grasslands
-Experience dry camping or backpacking, in areas without access to water or facilities
-Experience navigating backcountry terrain using a map, compass, and GPS
-Wilderness first aid or higher certification
-Knowledge of Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly
- Willingness and ability to mentor and train members of your crew

About Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University

The Institute for Natural Resources (ORS 352.808) works to deliver management-relevant information that informs discussions and decisions about the long-term stewardship of Oregon's natural resources, and works to advance centralized, science-based natural resource information for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. INR is located at Oregon State University and Portland State University.

Application Instructions

You will be filling out an online application and will not need a cover letter or resume. Our full consideration date is January 31, 2024, which is when we will start contacting applicants for interviews. We will be accepting applications past this date until all positions are filled. Apply ASAP. We are hiring around 8-12 people for this position. Copy and paste this link to apply. https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/148999