This innovative outdoor education facilitator position for 2023/24 will build on our first year of learning in developing a new approach to school. This facilitator will work closely with staff, students, and community to design and facilitate in one of our learning cohorts, serving students ages 5-18. You will be joining a small dedicated team of dynamic educators who work closely together to create meaningful learning experiences for our students. You should be willing to work in a collaborative interdisciplinary way and transcend traditional content areas. You should be passionate about students, families, and educational change. You hold relationships at the center while embodying an entrepreneurial spirit of a founding educator. This position is a unique opportunity for an innovative human to grow and thrive.

As the ideal candidate, you bring experience or willingness to embrace the following:

Learner centered: Hold a mindset of starting first with students and their needs to inform curriculum and instruction decisions, as well as school systems and structures.
Build in partnership: Join an interdisciplinary (all core content areas), cross grade level (Prek-12) team. Working in a deeply collaborative way with other educators, staff, and community to design and implement meaningful learning experiences.
Rooted in design: Create and facilitate learning experiences that are directly connected to what is relevant in our place and students as a lens to develop a greater understanding of the world. Grow and use our competencies as the foundation of student learning experiences, embedded with engaging standards-based instruction designed by our educators.
Passionate about content: Possess a strong interest in outdoor education and nature. We value someone with a deep understanding of one or more content areas so they can nimbly use them as the vehicle for meaningful learning rather than the destination. We appreciate people who artfully connect the “seemingly unrelated.”
Move beyond the ordinary: Outer Range exists to shift what education can look like in Montrose County. Educators challenge the status quo and advocate fiercely for a shift in the paradigm towards learner centeredness. We do this through our daily decisions in teaching and through sharing our work. Be ready to exist with vulnerability and to share your learning with others.
Unravel and transform: Outer Range is an iterative school and is constantly evolving. This means that staff is regularly unlearning and relearning what is possible and how to get there. We are seeking members who embrace change with courage, joy, and skill while working to challenge assumptions and elevate self-awareness.
We know it is a big ask and a non-traditional role and environment, but if you’re still reading and interested, you might be a good fit.

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About Outer Range Outdoor Education

What if there was a place where young people are radically seen?
Where courage is fostered through new experiences in the outdoors?
Where confidence was activated by community connection and transformation was just a part of our natural rhythm?
What if there was a school with no walls?

This is not an ordinary “teacher” role, and this is not an ordinary school. Outer Range is a public outdoor school that believes the young people in our community have boundless potential. Outer Range provides immersive, relevant, student driven, and community-focused learning experiences. With mountains, canyons, and rivers in all directions, Montrose has a thriving and growing outdoor industry and multiple outdoor options; a whitewater sports park, excellent year-round trail systems, a national park, and multiple state parks nearby and easy & quick access to ski and mountain bike destinations.

Application Instructions

Job posting: https://www.applitrack.com/mcsd/onlineapp/default.aspx?AppliTrackPostingSearch=location:%22Outer+Range%22&AppliTrackJobId=2953&AppliTrackLayoutMode=detail&AppliTrackViewPosting=1 We humbly ask for, but do not require, an interesting (meaning not stock, boring, or typical) cover letter to accompany your application. As a fun challenge, we invite you to include the words "pillow" and "raccoon" in your letter. E-mail [email protected] with questions.