Roswell BLM Field Office
Carlsbad BLM Field Office

Program Dates: 

as early as March 21st, 2023 (flexible) to April 19, 2024


$840 to 880+/week depending on experience
+$60/week cost of living adjustment for Carlsbad, NM


Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder Recertification (or reimbursement if course was paid personally and taken after March 2022)
$16/day food allowance while camping in the field with crew collecting data
Health benefits package that comes into effect on the 1st of the calendar month after the first 60 days
Paid days of personal leave and sick leave
Uniform shirts
Other supplemental development funds (amount TBD)
Hiring Benefits: Public Land Corps Hiring Authority – a noncompetitive hiring status for consideration when applying to competitive service positions for a federal agency. Eligible to be used for two years upon completion of term. Must be under age 31 upon issue of certificate.

Position Overview:

Crews conduct vegetation monitoring using the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Terrestrial Assessment, Inventory, & Monitoring (AIM) methodology. More information on the BLM’s AIM strategy can be found on the AIM website: http://aim.landscapetoolbox.org/. Crews typically consist of three individuals: two crew members and one crew lead. Together, they monitor land health (i.e., soil and vegetation) on BLM lands including National Monument lands, vegetation treatments, burn scars, rangeland allotments, or reference areas using AIM methodology.

Crews undergo extensive technical training and orientation to SCC culture for the first 4+ weeks in the Field Office and at sites on the CO western slope. The rest of the term is typically routine, with the goal to sample a target number of plots using the AIM methodology.

Within all plots, the crew identify vegetation to species, gather species cover and composition data using line-point intercept and gap measurements, measure soil stability, and describe the site and soil pits (50%). All data are georeferenced and stored in an ArcGIS geodatabase. Data are entered into a database on site with ruggedized tablets to be later synthesized into various reports for future land management planning. The crew may also assist with other public land management projects involving wildlife, range, recreation, rare plant monitoring, or forestry (5%), contingent on sampling productivity and BLM staff availability.

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Minimal Qualifications:

College graduate (Bachelor’s, at minimum) with coursework in ecology, botany, range science, soil science, wildlife biology, natural resource management, conservation biology, environmental studies, or a related field
Aged at least 21 years upon hire
Able to produce identification as stipulated by I-9 upon hire
Valid US driver's license and insurable driving record

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